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The Waddy Family (Calgary family Photographer)

Here is a session close to my heart as I have known Fela for about 5 years now, she is a dear friend of mine and I had the pleasure of photographing her and her wonderful husband during their first pregnancy , and I am just so overjoyed to see their family grow and welcome a little girl into the world,  a little girl that will be so blessed and loved.

Nabila and Zul Engaged! (Calgary Wedding Photographer)

I had the absolute pleasure to photograph this two, Nabila was the winner of ac on test during the Calgary Bridal show, that Mariam Akbar and Mint luxe hair and I put together. They were so much fun and I am so happy to see two people love each other so very much! Mariam did a bang on job on the makeup and Mint luxe hair just did such a wonderful job on Nabila’s beautiful mane.